Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga for Pregnancy


with Sarah Hague
At Chorlton Central Church

Wednesdays 6.00 – 7.15 pm

Course £104.00 (£80.00 concessions)
For a block of 8 classes to be taken with in a specified 10 week period.
You can join class once you are 14+ weeks.

Yoga is the ideal exercise during pregnancy and as preparation for labour. 

This class is specifically aimed at women in the second trimester – when you might feel as though you have a little more energy for some movement and exercise!

You can join as soon as you are 14+ weeks.

Each week we will move through sequences of relaxed movements, gentle opening stretches and yoga sequences aimed at moving the whole body to find ease, space and stability.

This class will also focus on the foundations of functional breathing. When we are healthy we breathe quietly, lightly, steadily and from the diaphragm. Classes will include practices which encourage these healthy breathing patterns.

This class is suitable whether you are new to yoga or have practiced before – Yoga practices, movements and postures are adapted to suit your pregnant body. Pre natal yoga can reduce stress and anxiety and help improve sleep.

You can move on to the 3rd trimester class Yoga for Pregnancy and Active Birth after 27 weeks and to carry any left over weeks from your block.

Each student has their own 8 week rolling block which can be taken within a specific 10 week period.

For more information contact Sarah:

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