One-to-one sessions


with Sarah Hague
Taking place in the comfort of your home
The cost for a one-to-one session is £40 per hour or £120 for 4 sessions (to be taken within a 4 month period)

Foundations of Healthy Breathing

Our breath is one of the most powerful tools we have to manage our physical, mental and emotional health.

Private breathwork sessions allow you to focus on the specifics of what is going on for you. You will learn the difference between functional and dysfunctional breathing, why many of us breath in a less than optimal way and what this means for your health.

You will become aware of your own breathing pattern and learn to use appropriate movement and breathing practices to create space for the breath, releasing tension from and strengthening, the muscles of breathing. 

We will consciously teach the body how to come back to its normal,
healthy breathing pattern.

Breathing more healthily can:

Reduce feelings of anxiety

Increase energy and fitness

Improve digestion

Boost immunity

Boost circulation

Sessions will often include some theory,
a movement practice and a breath practice. Homework will be given to encourage you to bring these practices in to your daily life.

These sessions are for anyone who is interested in working more deeply with their breath but could be of particular interest to those with asthma, sinusitis, snoring and sleep apnea, anxiety, digestive issues,
headaches, and TMDJ.

For more information contact Sarah:

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