Useful information

What clothes should I wear?

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, this could be something like a vest or
t-shirt and leggings, jogging bottoms or comfortable shorts.  It’s best not to wear tight fitting clothing as this can restrict the breath. You might like to have socks and a jumper too so you can stay warm during relaxation at the end of class. 

Do I need to bring my own mat?

You are welcome to bring your own mat if you like but all the Yoga kit that will be used in class is available to use the at The Yoga Rooms studio.

Do I have to book classes?

All my courses are pre-book. If you’d like to join any of my classes please just get in touch via email.


When you book an online class, you will be provided with a link to watch me instructing you live at the time of the class. You can view this on any suitable device (eg. Smartphone, iPad, or computer). You will need space to practice and be able to view the device comfortably.  

 Concession policy

I don’t have set criteria for concession rates because I understand that it is possible to be working and yet not have much money and on the flip side not to be working but to have plenty of money (for example if you are being supported by a partner who is earning a good wage or retired but on a good pension).

I ask that if you can afford the full price you pay that so that I can keep the concession options available for those who can’t.


If you have any questions about attending a yoga class or you’d like to book onto a course please get in touch by
Or phone: 07736463278