For me Yoga is movement

It’s the large movements of the body through space and the smaller movements of the body that create and perpetuate the breath.

Our modern lives are built for ‘comfort’ and ‘ease’ but in building this world around us we’ve removed the need for movement from our lives. We’ve become static and sedentary. 

The majority of our waking time is spent in one shape – sitting on a chair – we do it when at work, we do it every time we sit to eat during the day, when we travel whether by car, tram, bus, even when
we cycle we are still sitting!

Our bodies were made for movement and when they don’t move muscles and joints become weak or tight. When we don’t move our body we don’t move our breath and it becomes tight, held, rigid. 

This leads to discomfort and dysfunction in our body – our body doesn’t work – or feel – as well as it could.

Yoga gives us a way in to breaking this habit of nonmoving, allowing us to move the whole of the body through its full range of possibilities in turn creating space for the breath to be free.

Where we find movement we find lightness and
space and feel the joy of being in our body.

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my classes

Beginners Dynamic Flow Yoga

This five week course will introduce the fundamental aspects of Vinyasa Yoga, a dynamic, flowing style of Yoga. If you are new to my classes this is where to start!

Breathe and flow

These ten week courses are a mix of dynamic, flowing sequences and quieter floor based movement.

Breathe and flow further

For those with more experience of flowing Yoga styles, these ten week breath and Yoga courses will offer more challenging asana and sequences.

Yoga for Pregnancy

This Yoga for pregnancy class is specifically aimed at women in the second trimester – when you might feel as though you have a little more energy for some movement and exercise!

Yoga for Pregnancy
and Active Birth

These classes will give you all the resources you need for a natural Active Birth.

Mum and baby yoga

These classes offer a relaxed, friendly, supportive environment where you can meet other new mums and bond with your baby.