Body Rolling

Body Rolling

Yamuna Body Rolling is
a total bodywork system

Created by yoga teacher Yamuna Zake Body Rolling uses specially designed balls to stimulate the bones, muscles and fascia.

Sinking in to the ball we initiate movement from the bone at the origin of a muscle then use our weight to create traction as we roll and hold into the tendon and then along the muscle towards the point of insertion. 

Following the lines of the muscle in this way has an immediate noticeable effect – you feel the toning and elongating of the muscles, improved range of motion and alignment. 

The beauty of this practice is that the you are in charge – you are guided through specific routines but you control how the practice is interpreted in your body – after all, only you can feel where your own points of tension and restriction are – you can choose to apply more pressure or less, sink more or less deeply, stay longer
if it feels good!

Finally, focussing on the breath while moving helps to stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system calming the body and mind.

Body Rolling is the perfect companion to Yoga!

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